Isometrix is one of south India’s most innovative and broad ranging architectural firms currently executing professional projects in architecture and interior design. Principal designer, Mustafa Abdul Nazar’s passion for the art of architecture coupled with over 25 years of international expertise sets the standard of excellence fostered by Isometrix. Having executed a wide array of specialized projects in Dubai , Sharjah, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Muscat, and India, Mr.Nazar has built Isometrix with the ability to cater to a diverse audience through years of expertise in contemporary buildings and interiors, and most importantly, sustainable designs. Isometrix currently oversees and manages an eclectic array of projects from corporate, hospitality, residential, villas, commercial, institutional and interior designs corporate commercial residence and much more. An immense passion for the work being done, care for the client’s satisfaction, and pride in the standard of excellence exemplified in each individual project ensures the success of any venture undertaken with  Isometrix.


Mustafa Abdul Nazar is the principal designer of isometrix, architects and interior designers and Managing director of matrix project management consultants. Having 25 years of experience in every area required to execute a project with nothing short of excellence, Mr.Nazar has unique distinction of having expertise in all fields Such as Architecture, interior designing, civil engineers and project management consulting, and having executed these works in places such as Dubai(UAE), Sharjah, Jordan, Qatar, Baharin, Muscat and India. Mr.Nazar ensures that knowledge and perspective he brings to projects is comprehensive, current and in par with the international standards.


We are architects , interior designers, engineers and planners .We bring a deep understanding of the business of design. Creative and technical staff is grouped in teams that follow projects all the way through from concept to completion. Each team comprises of team leaders and team members with expertise in various aspects like project management, visualization, design development etc. A team of architects and designers strive constantly to create projects that stand out because of the distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology. We believe good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with expertise ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept. We love working here because the work is motivating and challenging, the office environment is inspiring and fun, and management is approachable  and accessible.